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Advances in Computational Imaging
Organizers: Adrian Basarab, Hervé Liebgott and Barbara Nicolas

Exploring Synergies: Advancing Neuroscience with Machine Learning
Organizers: Marzieh Ajirak and Petar M. Djurić

From distributed to federated learning over networks
Organizer: Cédric Richard

Advanced Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Acoustic Scene Analysis and Signal Enhancement
Organizers: Shoji Makino and Nobutaka Ono

Science data with hidden periodic structure - new perspectives
Organizers: Antonio Napolitano and Agnieszka Wyłomańska

Low-resolution signal processing for communication and sensor networks
Organizers: Geethu Joseph, Nitin Myers and Venkata S.S. Gandikota

Signal processing for consumer behavior analysis
Organizers: Vasileios Mygdalis and Vangelis P. Oikonomou

Audio signal processing for cultural heritage analysis and preservation
Organizer: Toon van Waterschoot

Reproducibility of classical approaches for brain imaging
Organizers: Sophie Achard, Julie Coloigner, Nicolas Farrugia, Céline Meillier, Saïd Moussaoui and Mira Rizkallah

Signal Analysis for Biodiversity
Organizers: Dan Stowell, Aki Härmä and Ricard Marxer

Geometries for signal processing and machine learning
Organizers: Samy Labsir and Arnaud Breloy

Tensor-Based Signal Processing for Wireless Communications and Sensing
Organizers: Martin Haardt and André de Almeida

Tensor decompositions: theory and applications in biomedical signal processing
Organizers: Borbála (Bori) Hunyadi and Sofia-Eirini Kotti

Distributed sensing and learning for autonomous systems
Organizers: Raj Thilak Rajan and Usman Khan

Advances in tensor theory and their applications
Organizers: Rima Khouja and Neriman Tokcan

Recent advances in signal processing for positioning, navigation, and timing applications
Organizers: Julien Lesouple, Lorenzo Ortega and Jordi Vilà-Valls

Machine and Deep Learning Applications in Neuroscience
Organizers: Aydin Akan, Devrim Unay, Ali Özgür Argunsah and Özlem Karabiber Cura

Matrices of Functions: Diagonalisation and Applications
Organizers: Stephan Weiss and Sebastian J. Schlecht

Signal Processing for Decoding Brain Responses to Natural Stimuli
Organizers: Simon Geirnaert and Alexander Bertrand

Frugality for Video Streaming
Organizers: Thomas Maugey, Cagri Ozcinar and Christian Timmerer

Signal processing over graphs and topological spaces
Organizers: Paolo Di Lorenzo and Elvin Isufi

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