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Data, indicators and models of historical and contemporary economic dynamics

Proposed by: Cliometrics & Complexity (CAC-IXXI), Institute of Complex Systems, Lyon.
Co-organized by: Cécile Bastidon and Pierre Borgnat.

General aims of the Satellite Workshop

The Cliometrics & Complexity team of the Complex Systems Institute of Lyon is proposing a Satellite Workshop on the ”Data, indicators and models of historical and contemporary economic dynamics”, aiming to contribute bridging the gap between Social sciences and Signal processing. In a few words, the Cliometrics and Complexity team brings together researchers from two main fields: i) Physics and applied mathematics and ii) Cliometrics (i.e. quantitative economic history), history and economics. This cross-fertilization enables to apply modeling and data processing methods to Social science issues, on the one hand; and to explore specific applications of graph and signal processing methods, in particular, to fields where they are little used to date, on the other hand.

The Satellite Workshop develops 3 themes corresponding to broad fields of application of complexity economics methods, including the design of indicators of volatility, systemic risk and crises; the use of multivariate segmentation and multivariate regimes modelling for the identification of economic cycles; and specific machine learning methods for historical and spatial socio-economic data. For each theme, 3 papers present different disciplinary perspectives.

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