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Gala dinner

The EUSIPCO 2024 gala dinner will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 2024 at the Abbaye de Collonges, a Paul Bocuse restaurant. Check this place out!

L’Abbaye, a dedicated venue for celebrations

Upon becoming a restaurant, the farmstead was named L’Abbaye de Collonges in memory of the monks that lived on Île Barbe. L’Hôtel du Pont de Collonges, which in the meantime had become L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges, was finally allowed to feature the name of the BOCUSE family, who had been running the site for close to 50 years.

The family decided to use L’Abbaye as a venue for hosting banquets and wedding receptions, with a series of rooms and areas almost fully dedicated to Paul Bocuse's passion for barrel organs. The most majestic example takes pride of place in L’Abbaye's main room. The music produced by this must-see Gaudin organ is like an orchestra of 110 musicians.

The decoration is simply spectacular. Visitors can discover an incredible fireplace where whole pigs can be roasted, alongside which stands a faithful reproduction of the kitchen on one side in homage to the Chef's grandparents, and on the other side, a replica of the early 20th-century bar next to a reconstituted cloister.

Abbaye de Collonges

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